Monday, February 14, 2011

County Housing

I am always amused when the ARGUS LEADER editorial board addresses something they really don't know anything about, like the financial responsibility of the homeless. The City has had to cut it's 2011 budget and doesn't even know if it will have surplus from the 2010 budget. They cut programs and services to citizens, gave no raises to employees, are worrying about pension costs and now the Argus thinks the city should find $100,000 somewhere to give to the County to pay for a security system.

News flash - serving the homeless is the fiscal responsibility of the county. If the city needed to fund a security system for a city function, the cost would be budgeted out of the OCEP Program. This cost is not budgeted for in OCEP and I heard that there isn't even money budgeted in OCEP to cover such an expense.

Ironic that Bob Litz is now pushing the City Council to fund this equipment. Where was his support a year or so ago? Transparent and self serving action on his part, in my opinion.

The City needs to take care of their own budget issues first, before they start giving money to the County for something that is their budgetary responsibility. This money should not come out of the city's operating budget.

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  1. ....gave no raises to employees....

    What? I respectfully disagree. The rank and file got no raises, but many middle level and upper level management got raises, including the mayor. Some were substantial, one mid management position from $76,000 to $81,000 a year.

    Polly Amalo