Monday, December 5, 2011

It is a Big Deal

The Argus Leader Editorial Board says today that the Skyforce leaving is not a blow to the recently approved events center - it's not a big deal. Well, they are right because the Skyforce never said they would go to the Event Center. It's not a blow to the Event Center, it is however, a blow to the Arena.

This isn't sour grapes about the event center.  This is about the Arena losing a tenant. This is about lost revenue in rent, lost revenue in concession sales.  The Arena, the Convention Center and the Event Center are going to be operated as one, under one management. It may not be a loss to the Event Center but it is a loss just the same.  Maybe SMG can make lemonade out of this loss. I hope so, because the City is going to need the revenue lost by the Skyforce leaving that venue.

I wish the AL Editorial Board would stop being the Press Secretary for the Mayor's Administration and start acting like a newsworthy newspaper. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall a story in the AL about the Skyforce going to Sanford Pentagon during the EC Debate. Reporting the news -  what a novel idea for a local newspaper.


  1. Sanford donates $75,000 to Build It Now to help insure that the EC vote passes......

    AND at the same time is luring one of the major tenants of the EC/Arena/Convention Center Complex away to the new Sanford Sports Complex....!!!??

  2. How about the Argus editorial board report some facts when they write their opinion? The AECOM report DID include Skyforce as a tenant. The Eide Bailey report may have because they used information from the arena management for their report. Of course we'll never know even though it's our tax dollars at work. Here's what the Argus forgot to mention/didn't read before they wrote their "Don't worry about it" editorial from page 12 of the AECOM study.

    "Through the assistance of SMG (manager of the Arena) and Global Spectrum (manager of the
    Convention Center), we have updated the previous forecasts of facility usage and operations at the
    two identified sites. SMG and Global Spectrum developed the forecasts based on their understanding
    of the current facilities’ operation, their experience with other similar facilities under management,
    assumptions regarding the characteristics of the Events Center, and local factors that would affect
    operations. These forecasts will form the basis of the economic impact analysis, and are shown
    below. These forecasts assume that one management company will operate all three facilities in the
    future, as is the City’s intent once the current contracts expire in 2012. Other major assumptions
    related to the characteristics and operations of the Events Center include:

    "Of Sioux Falls’ three professional sports teams, we assume that the Skyforce will continue to
    play in the Arena, and that the Stampede and Storm will play in the Events Center"

  3. A future story about the Skyforce is that they are either leaving town or going out of existence. If you agree to having a draw under 3,000 for the foreseeable future, the future is not good. It was a great run.

    No one said anything for the obvious reason.

  4. "I wish the AL Editorial Board would stop being the Press Secretary for the Mayor's Administration and start acting like a newsworthy newspaper."

    No kidding, huh? There were rumors about it, but like you said, no HARD news story about it. Just like the cost overruns at the River Greenway and the interest rate and repayment schedule being higher then the city said it would be. Boondoggle.

  5. Mitt Romney announced that he has declined to participate in Trump's GOP Debate. Good for him!!Then you have Bachman saying she is thinking of asking Trump to be her running mate. Like you said, a bunch of clowns at a circus.