Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gridlock Once Again

Congress is once again holding America hostage. Tiresome politics on both sides of the aisle in my opinion. This whole payroll tax cut extension is an interesting fight between Republicans and Democrats and each side is pandering to their base.

I understand that the Social Security payroll tax cut approved a year ago was done to stimulate the economy but I wonder if this payroll tax should continue to be extended again. These temporary fixes are just that - temporary. Pretty soon, this temporary Social Security payroll tax cut will be considered permanent and then the Social Security fund will be in really big trouble.

The Democrats talk about this temporary tax cut as a tax increase if it's not extended. How long has the Social Security payroll tax been in place? A long time. Letting this temporary payroll tax cut lapse is not a tax increase. This tax has been in place for a very long time. Does Congress think the American people are simple minded?

I hate all this pandering to the base in each political party. Instead of worrying about stimulating the economy through these temporary fixes, why not get some substantial work done like actually creating jobs through legislation. The Keystone Pipeline has been controversial to the states of Nebraska and South Dakota and the jobs it will create are temporary, not permanent jobs. Once again, a temporary mentality that holds the American people hostage to party ideology.

I don't think the temporary cut in the Social Security payroll tax should be extended. Fix the tax code so the 1% can't get out of paying their fair share of taxes. Think big picture instead of piecemealing the American people to death with one issue at a time. All this small minded politics does is create gridlock. I am sick to death of it.

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  1. I'm not really on subject here, but it struck me that Warren Buffet saying things about class warfare and his class is winning; and Occupy Wall Street's 99% vs 1% isn't accurate. The point is not rich against poor. The point is to prosecute the criminals who brought the Great Recession down on us in the first place. The point is to rid our government of cops sleeping with robbers. The point is to reclaim ALL THAT MONEY!!! This involves a few corrupt bankers and some corrupt politicians.