Monday, July 18, 2011


It is hard to listen to all the political rhetoric coming out of Washington DC these days. Congress has been on a spending spree since they found out they had a huge budget surplus over a decade ago.

Washington has spent money on two wars, financed huge tax cuts and expanded Medicare. They didn't worry about deficit spending back then. They didn't worry that they were putting debt on our children and grandchildren.  Everybody wants the services government provides yet nobody wants to deal with how to pay for those services.

The money has been spent and the debt ceiling must be raised to cover the debt. Yet, here they are in Washington arguing about it at the final hour.  I am sick to death of a Congress made up of grandstanding politicians who are constantly pandering to their base instead of really carrying about the American people - all the American people, not just the people of their own party.

There are hard decisions to be made to get this deficit under control. It didn't happen yesterday. It has been years and years of spending by the very people who are now vilifying the party they love to hate, whichever party they are not a member. 

The current state of politics is going to ruin this country. This notion of my way or the highway is destructive. Michelle Bachman wants to vote no on increasing the debt ceiling. What planet are these people on. She comes from the state of Minnesota who has done that very thing. Minnesota used to be a progressive state and look where it is today.  Shut down, closed doors, barricaded buildings and roads.  It is a sad commentary on the failed government of Minnesota and its leaders who can't or won't solve the problem. Former Govenor Pawlenty left Minnesota with a huge deficit and now he wants to be the leader of his party to run our nation.

Pass the debt limit and then get serious and solve this problem. People in Washington live lives that don't resemble the life the rest of us must face each and every day.  Is that too much to ask our representatives in Congress to pay their bills. It sure seems like it is.


  1. when are you announcing your candidacy?

  2. I have another thought! How about the government doesnt spend any more than they take in each month / year! Most families in this country are forced to live that way, why shouldnt our elected officials do the same? The problem is we keep passing a debt ceiling with no hope of ever reigning in the spending. Our politicians must prioritize and distinguish needs over wants. If they are not capable of making tough decisions, step aside and give up that cushy pension and benifit package! This country is in dire need of leadership. We havent had any for over 20 years! Lead, follow or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! But do something, for all our sakes!

  3. Most reasonable people realize that a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases is the most prudent, sustainable, and equitable approach for the country. The "Cut, Cap and Balance" pledge being thrown around as a solution is merely the current bully party (the Republicans) trying to get their particular ideologies enshrined as permanent US policy. I consider myself a centrist, but it is obvious which party has been reasonable and willing to compromise, and which has been playing the "my way or the highway" card.