Monday, April 25, 2011

No Business Acumen Please - I am trying to build an Event Center

The mayor made it clear that his decision (regarding the event center) in large part will be based on what he thinks will fly with voters. It can't be, he said, based simply on the best business decision - in other words, the best return on investment.

"You can't just do it strictly based on business. You can't. The process doesn't work that way, and the public wouldn't allow it," he said.

This was said in a meeting with members of the Build It Downtown group last week. This is the mayor who says he is bringing business acumen to city government. Didn't this mayor also say that he was concerned about the people coming to Sioux Falls from places other than the city?

So now we have a mayor who uses business acumen or doesn't use business acumen depending on how it fits into his vision and one who is more worried about people living outside his great city.

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  1. HisMan Mike also campaigned vigorously on "Not adding any frills to the Convention Center"

    So how is a $100 million addition not a frill?

    He also pledged on his campaign web site on "doing what's necessary, versus what's politically popular"

    I guess he forgot to mention "necesary" in the context of what he feels is necessary to advance his career to Pierre or DC.