Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mayor Won't Talk Yet

The mayor declines to meet with the local paper to answer questions about his consultants' reports because he needs time to digest the reports. When city officials were asked how long they had these reports to review, the response was a week.

Let me get this straight. The city council got the reports binder just before the 4 p.m. Information Meeting on Monday, April 25th. After the presentations, they were given the opportunity to ask questions. The councilors formulated their questions based on what they had just heard at the meeting. No time to digest the information before hand.

Yet the Mayor, who got the information a week before and in all likelihood was briefed by staff, won't comment publicly because he is too busy with other things and needs time to digest the information.

"I wish I had the ability to spend all of my time reading the report, but I don't have that luxury." That is an interesting comment from a mayor who has identified the Event Center as his number one priority. Maybe he could get someone to read it to him.


  1. He also told the Build it Downtown group in their meeting last Thursday, April 21st that he hadn't seen the AECOM report and was going to wait until the informational meeting to hear & digest it. AECOM had their report in on Monday, April 11.

    What he did during that week was hire Darrin Smith's pal Mark Knuth, raise $25 grand from Avera & Sanford and got Michael Bender going on building his Events Center marketing campaign. Someone registered the domain: on April 15th, 2011.

    So does that sound at all like the Mayor is sitting back and getting his info like the rest of us? If that's true he must have some rouge elements on his staff.

  2. Oops, where are the votes? Can't get 50% plus 1 right now, let alone a super majority to bond?

  3. Instead of reviewing the Reports last night, Mayor Mike was "too busy" modeling on stage at the Women in Business conference!