Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yacker Tracker Flashing Green for City's No Smoking Policy

Kudos to the City for finally implementing a total tobacco free work environment and removing designated tobacco use areas.

The new policy means no smoking in city owned buildings, vehicles, parking lots, equipment, worksites, and walkways leading into city facilities. It makes sense and please don't tell me that this is a big brother thing. This is a health and wellness issue, a taxpayer cost issue, and an employer issue.

Smoking and second hand smoke can kill you, that's a fact. Yet some people continue to smoke in spite of the facts. So be it. Smoke all you want, just not here at the city. The voter majority said they wanted a smoke free environment and the city now says the same thing for its workers.

Yacker Tracker flashes green, City of Sioux Falls. This policy goes into effect January 1, 2011. Thanks for implementing a policy that makes sense and helps those smoking employees achieve a healthy lifestyle in spite of themselves and maybe reduce some of those health care costs in the General Fund.

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