Friday, December 17, 2010

An Oxymoron

Michelle Bachman has been appointed to the Intelligence Committee. An oxymoron. Don't you have to have some intelligence to be on this committee? The Intelligence community must be very worried about having to deal with this loose candidate airhead. Half the time, I am not sure she even comes from this planet. She channels her information from outer space, not from any fact source.

Kristi Noehm had been appointed to the Labor and Education Commmittee. An oxymoron. Shouldn't you have an education to serve on this committee? Does she even know what Labor is all about? No, it's not about childbirth, Kristi.

A contradiction for sure.


  1. No Ag Committee, no Energy and Commerce, no Veterans Affairs, all key positions held by SHS. Pleny of mention of her Education credentials above, but consider this, Kristi will be the only one on that committee without a degree among 3 MDs, 5 attorneys, one PhD and 5 master’s degrees. It will be interesting to see how much influence she can muster.

  2. Jennifer, when being critical of another's education, you should spell their name right. It's Noem, not Noehm.

    Also, you should refer to it as 'formal education'. Anyone that's raised a family, worked a family farm, served in a State Legislature, run a successful political campaign that unseated a relatively popular incumbant, has had many educational experiences in life.

    My father, who was a successful newsman, raised a family, served in our State Legislature, ran a campaign for a national office against a popular incumbant (yeah, he lost that one), and went on to serve 8 years in Washington DC in the Reagan Administration, did not have a degree from a formal education. When asked about his 'degrees', he always responded that 'he earned is many degrees from the University of Life'. I would add that he attended that University until the day he shuffled off this mortal coil.

    Last thought. Don't ever offer an apology to anyone offended by your opinion. If they don't like what you think, who cares. Enjoy. DK