Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Petition Drive for Snow Gates - So Be It.

I posted a blog about snowgates back on November 27, 2011. I went back and read it to see if my opinion back then still made sense to me or whether I should re-consider my position on the snowgate issue. Nope, my opinion has not changed. It seems to be me, snowgates are still a want, not a necessity.

You can argue all you want about the fact that we are spending millions on the event center, hockey rinks, tennis courts, outdoor pools and on and on, so it somehow justifies spending only hundreds of thousands of dollars on snowgates. That kind of thinking grows a deficit. Until the mayor and the city council address the budget and the CIP in terms of wants versus needs, we will continue to grow the city's debt exposure which will surely be on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren to repay, just like the federal deficit.

Are Snowgates Worth It? For the convenience of the homeowner, probably yes. But is it really a prudent use of taxpayer dollars when it is a want and not a necessity? It isn't just the snowgate issue. Everything that comes before the city council should be discussed in terms of a want versus a necessity. I guess the public will get a chance to decide this issue if the petition drive is successful, which I think it will be.

Read my blog of November 27, 2011 titled: Snowgates - Are They Worth It? There are over 20 comments on it. I would venture to guess those opinions have not changed one iota since 2011. People either want them or they don't think it's necessary. I predict a yes verdict from the public on this issue. People hate those piles at the end of their driveway and if they can get someone else to shovel it then yippee! What they don't understand is that someone else is the city using their money to do it. If that's how the majority wants to spend their money, then so be it.


  1. Let's not forget these snow gates do not work if the snowfall is over 2 inches so, really why bother. Waste of taxpayer money and my vote will be no

  2. 2" eh? Got something to back that statement with? As for wants vs needs. We NEED all these playgrounds for the elite, yet you can't muster support for an actual need? What say you on the article in todays Argus Paywall? The one about the new green facility and it's cost? To me...a need. But then someone else prolly says want.

    Polly Amalo

  3. Anonymous obviously has NOT taken the time to check his facts:

    "Let's not forget these snow gates do not work if the snowfall is over 2 inches......"

    Anonymous, you may want to check out the City's own test data at

    Snow Gate Analysis - Public Works Street Division - 2010-2011 page 15:

    For snowfalls of five inches or greater, snow gates were not AS effective.


    You can check with any meteorologist in Sioux Falls and they will tell you the MAJORITY of snowfalls we receive (in any given season) are LESS THAN five inches.

  4. 2 inches...5 inches, Just shovel your driveway you lazy asses.

  5. Speaking of wants and needs... Its the end of the budget year for the city and I know for fact that there are departments that spend tens of thousands real quick right now so they can justify the budget they put in and dont lessen the amount they can build into the next budget. I think the media should investigate the money spent at the end of the year and see if the departments are actually needing what they spend at the end of the year. Theres no worse theft in my opinion then the wasteful spending at year end and then asking for tax increases to support the cities budget. After I retire I will be a loudspeaker until then I will behave to keep my job.