Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Let the Feds Do it" But I Will Keep the Money Thank You

It is no surprise that Governor Daugaard decided to opt out of creating a state run health care exchange for SD citizens. We are a small state and he says its going to create budget problems. Ok, so be it.

But it is troubling that he is not going to give back that second $5.8 million grant received in May. That grant was given to the state to continue it's research on establishing a state run health care exchange.

“We have not spent any of that yet, but we do not have to pay it back. We can still use it for planning purposes,” Venhuizen said. Although opting out of the responsibility of running an exchange, the state still will have oversight of the exchange as the federal government administers it, Venhuizen said. The state Division of Insurance would retain its role in regulating the industry.

This just signifies the problems with government at all levels in this country. Those supposedly freebie monies from the feds to the states and local government contribute to the national debt. Venhuizen is clever in his justification for keeping the money by saying the state still will have oversight. Let's be clear - the grant was given to the state to continue it's research on establishing a state run health care exchange. The governor decided to opt out. The state won't be establishing an exchange.
Do the right thing and give the money back. Otherwise, you look like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You hate Obamacare but you still take the money associated with complying with Obamacare. Two faced and irresponsible, especially if you profess to be the party of solutions and common sense and one of your objective is to reduce the national debt.


  1. Welcome back, you have been missed.
    So where will that money go? Who is accountable for it? I sure would like some transparency with this, or give it back. If it lines someone's pockets there should be hell to pay.

  2. I dont think the governor can give the money back since he has spent about 1.2 million of it already. I dont remember the source but most of it has gone to "consulting".

  3. Who gave the grant?? If it was income tax derived why not give it back to the tax payers who sent the $ out of the state to the private Federal Reserve?