Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Super Bowl Means Super Everything

It is that time of year when the Super Bowl takes over the airways and the hearts and minds of a lot of Americans. Football is to the U.S. what Soccer is to the rest of the world. Even people who aren't really into football, get into the mania of the Super Bowl.

It is a marketing genius with unbelievably funny and creative commercials. Which is a feat in and of itself considering the fact that most people DVR programs these days just so they don't have to watch those endless commercials. If they can make them so funny on Super Bowl Sunday, why can't they make them this funny and entertaining the rest of the year?

It isn't just about football though.

It is about food.

It is about camaraderie with friends and family.

It is about the next big gathering after the big gathering during the holidays. However, it is the gathering that doesn't bring the same kind of anxiety that comes with shopping, spending too much money or not making it even steven with the grandchildren.

It is about shouting loud, big pats on the back, high fives and eating and drinking, and drinking and eating.

It's about getting together to watch a football game even if your team isn't in the game.

It's about watching the half time show, wondering if there will be a wardrobe malfunction.

It's about betting something if you are so inclined.

It's about watching the endless hype shows leading up to the big game.

It's about trying to decide who you are going to cheer for when your team has once again let you down for the umpteenth season but you know when the season comes back in the fall you will be right back as a loyal follower again.

It's about the pre-game show and all the stories about the players.

It's about an afternoon and evening in the warmth of your house or someone's house having fun and not having it cost you an arm and leg.

It's being thankful you are watching the fun extravaganza on a flat screen TV with a resolution that makes you feel like you can step right into the picture.

It's about the mad texting to your father after some unbelievable play or touchdown.

It's about hoping to see Betty White in another commercial this year. Who doesn't love Betty White?

It's about the anticipation of the new Pepsi commercial featuring Elton John.

It's about the two quarterbacks and wondering why is it that the quarterbacks are always the good looking guys on the team.

It's about hoping the owner of the winning team doesn't hog the trophy again this year.

It's wondering how they picked Indianapolis for the site of the Super Bowl this year even if it is indoors. I wonder if they would ever pick Minneapolis as a super bowl site if Minnesota promised to build the Minnesota Vikings a new stadium?

It's about the hope that the big game will be an exciting as the game between the San Fransisco 49'ers and the New Orleans Saints this year. Was that a game or what?



  1. A really great game indeed. That be the icing on thr cupcake.

  2. A really great game indeed. That be the icing on thr cupcake.

  3. Minneapolis hosted the SB quite a few years ago.

  4. Pretty average SB, considering the winning TD was a score they tried not to score on. Commercials? Some good. Some bad. Madonna? GREAT. Never ever thought I'd hear myself say that considering my music tastes pretty much started in the 60's and ended in the 70's.