Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pleading Ignorance and Unawareness

Pleading ignorance about the goings on of the Charter Revision Commission.

Unaware of who contributed to his campaign until a reporter told him.

Unaware of what language related to city ordinance is drafted by his city attorney.

Pleading ignorance from a person who said he has a google alert on his own name.

Pleading ignorance when actually recruiting people to serve on city boards and commissions.

Pleading ignorance about what the Charter Revision Commission is doing when he stated on the December ASK THE MAYOR program the Charter Revision Commission should look at the roles of the mayor and the executive branch and the city council and the legislative branch.

Pleading ignorance and being unaware is hard believe from a person who is so totally engaged and immersed in the job of mayor of this great city. Not being aware of what is being drafted out of the city attorney's office is not being engaged in the legal affairs of the city.

Pleading ignorance and being unaware are two phrases that are not descriptive of this mayor. So why plead ignorance or say one is unaware? When you don't want to be accountable for one's actions.


  1. This Mayor is a simply corporate sociopath. He lies so often I think he actually believes he's way smarter than everyone else, the media in particular.

    Claiming to be "unaware" of donations from Thimjon & Aanenson is in no way believable, Aanenson was his very first contributor. The Ramkota people wanted the EC and wanted it at the Arena. Thimjon is part of that group, coincidence? No freakin' way. Why else would you cook an economic report so blatently?

    Recall this tyrant before he can do any more damage.

  2. Never, EVER, believe a word this man says. He is a power freak that will lie, cheat and steal to garner as much power as possible and hose those beneath him.

  3. Thimjon is very close friend of Mike's. Thimjon's contribution was one of the largest and one of the first contributions he got. Mike knew all the money that came in for the campaign and he wrote them hand-written thank you notes. HE KNEW!!

  4. Jennifer, you hit this one 'out of the park.' Wish the post could be posted on billboards around town!

  5. This mayor likes the sound of his voice and has such an exaggerated view of himself that he can't tell the difference between lie and truth. I believe the correct description is....pathological liar.

  6. Both Huether and his wife mentioned more than once that they really knew who their friends were when he was running for mayor-the ones who donated their time and money toward his election. For him to say he's had no influence on the CRC in terms their recommendations is BS when you consider who is on the committee.

  7. De Knudson should feel no pride being part of this Mayor's Charter Revision Commission. Frankly it's suprising she would be a party to this.