Saturday, November 5, 2011


All you have to do is look at the headlines and then wonder about priorities in this community.

  • Lewis and Clark Federal Funding in Jeopardy
  • Tobacco Revenue Down.
  • 10% Cut in Teacher Salaries
  • Banquet Food Supplies Dwindle
  • Video Lottery Revenue Down
  • 46% of school age children eligible for free or reduced school lunches in Sioux Falls
  • Education funding cut
  • South Dakota population aging yet South Dakota first froze then cut Medicaid payments to nursing homes.
  • For the first time in nearly two years, the overall Business Conditions Index for a nine-state region of the Midwest and Plains has taken a negative turn.
  • Decline in out-of-state residents moving to the area blamed partly on the economy.
  • Construction spending in the United States was down 1.3 percent in September compared with September 2010, down $10 Billion for the year, according to the Associated General Contractors of America.
  • Two Minnehaha County towns will reduce the number of hours they contract for sheriff protection because money isn’t available to pay for more service.
  • A long standing Sioux Falls manufacturing company will close for good early next year, resulting in 77 jobs cuts.
  • Minnehaha County has budget problems.
  • Many consumers are anxious about their jobs; angry about their salaries and increased workloads; upset about climbing health care costs; and worried about their mortgages.
  • Minnehaha County employees take a 5% pay cut.
  • Sioux Area Metro Transit facing possible federal subsidy shortfall.


  1. Now is the worst time since the 1930's to be spending almost $200 million over 22 years on anything, much less an Events Center whose future is based on hope and promises and no hard data. Think about what is happening on the national level with the debt reduction committee. No one really expects them to do what they have been charged with and that will result in across the board cuts in services and programs, including the much maligned entitlement programs that so many South Dakotans and Sioux Falls citizens depend on. And as what was stated, what will be the fallout from the Greek financial crisis and the European economy? This also could have a huge impact on local governments, as well as individuals, on their ability to borrow money at a reasonable rate.

    To turn a phrase, the Mayor cannot see the trees for the forest, the forest being the Events Center and the trees being all the reasons that now is the wrong time to build it.

    Sioux Falls citizens, use your considerable brain power and think this through before you vote. A No vote is a prudent one and does not mean you are not progressive. And speaking of prudent, that is one of the Mayor's favorite words to describe how to run the City. Too bad, he does not apply it to himself.

  2. ....and I could rattle off 10 great things happening here, all comes down to how you see the glass - half empty or half full. Your attitude fits in better in Sioux City, please move there.

  3. I could easily list a hundred great things that are happening in my city........

    Does this mean that I support "this plan at this time".......

    Absolutely NOT........!!

    Does this mean that I see the glass as half empty and that I am not progressive........

    Absolutely NOT.........!!

  4. A lot of issues to think about as I cast my vote this next week.

  5. I would like to see an event center in Sioux Falls, but I will vote no for this plan.

    It makes no sense to keep the existing arena and a new center that will compete with each other. It makes no sense to have enough parking for only one event at a time if we're keeping both.

    We'll have to live with this event center for 50+ years just like we did with the arena, so why rush into a bad plan just so some egomaniac can have his name on a plaque on the wall.

    I also don't appreciate the "small" businesses telling me how great it will be for Sioux Falls when they're only concerned with the profit increases they'll see regardless of the cost to the average tax payer.

    I hope there is a recall vote for this mayor if the vote fails. If it fails, he wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars when he should have found out what the majority wanted first.

  6. The Mayor and his $400K sales pitch has actually hurt public opinion if you believe the Neilson poll. If this goes down there will no one other than him to blame.

  7. These last two comments have it right. This egomaniac has spent way to much of our tax dollars to further his own agenda and I am tired of his bullying in the name of "getting things done"