Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Vacation?

The Dow is in the toilet, the housing market is a bust, the deficit continues to grow and what does everyone want to talk about? The President's vacation. NPR put out a graph on the vacations of the current and past Presidents.

Barack Obama
90 days in first two years
Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
Kailua, Hawaii
George W. Bush
1,020 in eight years
Crawford, Texas
Camp David, MD
Bill Clinton
152 in eight years
Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
The Hamptons, NY
George H.W. Bush
543 in four years
Camp David, MD
Kennebunkport, Maine
Ronald Reagan
335 in eight years
Santa Barbara, CA
Jimmy Carter
79 in four years
Plains, GA

Does a President really go on vacation and get away from it all? No. The White House travels with a President and no matter how you want to spin it, the President is in a 24/7 job. The media hypes everything these days and who is on vacation where is no different. I guess there has to be something to talk about since all those losers in Congress took off for home to take a little vacation themselves.

Talk about Obama taking a vacation all you want, but it is pretty clear who took the most vacation days while serving as President. Everybody is counting vacation days instead of counting their pennies since their dollars are disappearing as we speak. Always keeping the eye on the ball. No wonder this country is in a downward spiral. No one can keep their eye on the ball anymore. 


  1. Jennifer, me thinks you have fallen into your own trap. it may have seemed as if george the second was on vacation alot, however, don't think in 2920 days it was over a thousand. i do support NPR, but doubt the stats as presented. as you stated the president's job is 24/7, no matter how you spin it......he might have spent many days in texas, but he was still working.....i agree the media does obsess over the little stuff, because it is easy, to report.... and now you have done the same. tsk, tsk.

  2. Looks like the Democrats are the only ones who stay at the White House to work.

  3. Anon1 - You do support NPR . . . with your tax dollars and that's a good thing, since, besides the War and Peace report on Democracy Now, it's hard to get a truthful story out of the media.

    It seems Jimmy Carter was our hardworking prez. I truly believe if he would have been re-elected we would not be in the mess we are today. Carter predicted this society, and global warming, and they called him a kook. The only kooks (and crooks) were Ronald Reagan and all the presidents that have followed.

  4. There is an interesting book on this subject, From Mount Vernon to Crawford A History of the Presidents and Their Retreats by Kenneth T. Walsh.

    President Obama's choice of a vacation in Martha's Vineyard is reminiscent of President George Herbert Walker Bush's annual trip to Kennebunkport, Maine in August of 1991.

    Both now and then, our country was and is in economic turmoil, millions are without jobs and the basic necessity of healthcare.

    Obama's approval rating currently stands at 26%, and guess what...........

    The voters are angry, and for many it's all about perception! It is never good to have a leader who appears to be out of touch...

    It will be interesting to see if this is one of the factors in how the 2012 Presidential election plays out....

    **comment submitted by a registered Independent